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PetMeds® Advises Pet Owners – Take Your Pet to the Vet!

1-800-PetMeds® airing a new commercial for pet owners to take their pets in for regular check-ups.

1-800-PetMeds® began airing their newest commercial aptly titled, “We Love Our Vets” as a friendly reminder for all pet parents to take their pets to the vet. In order to strengthen their ties with the vet community, PetMeds® is helping vets promote the importance of annual veterinarian check-ups through multimedia efforts, including on T.V., online and email.

The new commercial came as part of a new series of initiatives for PetMeds® after participating in a panel discussion at the NAVC Conference in January 2012. The commercial specifically encourages pet owners to take their pets for annual check-ups and emphasizes the importance of heartworm testing.

"Veterinarians at the NAVC asked us to consider promoting them in a more positive way. And that's why we made the decision at the conference in January that we would take measures to improve our relationship with veterinarians and support them by encouraging pet owners to bring their pets into their vet's office for a checkup." – Said Bonnie Levengood, PetMeds’ Director of Marketing.

This commercial doesn’t come as a surprise, since recently PetMeds® has been taking measures via to share the recent public announcement from the CAPC about its alarming heartworm warning.

“The CAPC has issued its first-ever heartworm forecast warning pet owners about the elevated risk for heartworm in many of the regions throughout the U.S.

The commercial also makes mention of the importance of prevention against heartworms, and fleas and ticks, since many fatal diseases can be transmitted via pests. Included in the commercial are Advantage II and K9 Advantix II, which repel mosquitoes that can cause heartworm disease. 

Watch the commercial here.

In addition, considering that millions of pet owners who come to the 1-800-PetMeds site, they have also enhanced their Vet Directory to help pet parents locate local vets. The Vet Directory is an easy-to-use list of veterinarians that can either be found by zip code or city and state. Once a consumer finds which vet may be right for their pets,
PetMeds® informs the veterinary office that a potential customer is interested in their services.

The new commercial and the Vet Directory enhancement are just two of the many upcoming efforts to help promote veterinary services. In the future, PetMeds® wants to help forge a better relationship with vets.

The We Love Our Vets commercial began airing Monday August 27th and will last until September 30th on the following stations: A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, CNBC, CNN, Cooking Channel, DIY, E!, Food Network, Fox News, Hallmark, Headline News, HGTV, Lifetime Movie Network, OWN, Oxygen, Soap Network, TLC, and TV Land.

“We would like to thank the NAVC for allowing us to participate in the panel, and we really appreciate the feedback.” – Said Bonnie Levengood, PetMeds’ Director of Marketing.

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